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Have you taken the first step toward becoming your own boss by starting your own business? Congratulations! As you’ll have noticed, starting your own business in Switzerland presents a host of entrepreneurial challenges – coming up with the right business idea, meeting the many legal and organizational requirements, raising capital and choosing the right form for your business, to name but a few.

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After setting up your business, you’ll be seeking to grow. So you’ll be needing capital. Once you have a regular cash-flow and an established customer base, you can turn to us for your financing. For this phase, in addition to conventional bank loans, we also offer alternative financing, such as leasing, or can introduce you to our network of potential investors.


Your business is gaining momentum. You’re ready to expand. Don’t lose sight of your liquidity planning and the need to protect your hard-earned company assets and IT security. Our practical tools will help you deal with these issues.


You’ve achieved your goal. But being really successful means staying successful. How have other start-ups pulled this off? Find out from real-life examples in our video reports.