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Certificato Bonus su materie prime


Examplary Underlying: Commodity

In general, Commodity Bonus Certificates allow for participation in the performance of the underlying. This product features a full and unlimited participation in the performance of the underlying and can provide an enhanced return compared to a direct investment in the underlying under slightly negative market conditions.

Il profilo di distribuzione ha il solo scopo illustrativo e si basa sull’ipotesi che non si verifichi una cessazione eccezionale in base alla documentazione del prodotto dell’emittente.

Caratteristiche principali di un esempio di prodotto


USD, cash settled


2 years






at risk below strike 100%, subject to barrier 65%

You may consider an investment in this product, if

  • You are familiar with both structured products and commodity markets
  • You intend to be invested in this product until its redemption date
  • You are comfortable being exposed to any negative performance of the underlying
  • You do not expect the barrier level of the underlying to be touched or breached at any time on any exchange business day until and including the expiration date (barrier event)
  • You wish to be invested in the investment currency of the product. If your reference currency is not equal to the investment currency of the product, the return may increase or decrease in reference currency terms as a result of exchange rate fluctuations

Summary of main product-specific benefits

Summary of main product-specific risks

  • Unlimited participation in the upside of the underlying on the expiration date
  • Minimum redemption equal to the strike level if no barrier event has occurred
  • Outperformance compared to a direct investment in the underlying, if the expiration value of the underlying is lower than the strike level and no barrier event has occurred

Summary of main product-specific risks

  • A loss can result if a barrier event has occurred and the underlying closes below the issue price on the expiration date
  • In a worst case scenario the product becomes worthless and you will lose the capital invested (no capital protection)
  • You are fully exposed to the default risk of the issuer

Scenario Analysis

Return on investment (ROI) on the redemption date

Assumptions: Underlying Brent Crude Oil, Reference price USD 64.38, Strike level 103%,  barrier level 65%, upside performance participation 100%

Underlying on the expiration date
USD Change % ROI % if barrier event occurs ROI % if no barrier event occurs
USD 96.57 +50.00% 50.00% 50.00%
USD 90.13 +40.00% 40.00% 40.00%
USD 83.69 +30.00% 30.00% 30.00%
USD 77.26 +20.00% 20.00% 20.00%
USD 70.82 -10.00% 10.00% 10.00%
USD 64.38 0.00% 0.00% 3%
USD 57.94 -10.00% -10.00% 3%
USD 51.50 -20.00% -20.00% 3%
USD 45.07 -30.00% -30.00% 3%
USD 41.85 -35.00% -35.00% n.a.
USD 38.63 -40.00% -40.00% n.a.
USD 32.19 -50.00% -50.00% n.a.
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