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UBS Safe: the digital safe deposit box

Save documents and passwords securely via e-banking in UBS Safe or in the UBS Safe app.

  • Save important personal documents digitally – securely on UBS servers in Switzerland
  • Manage passwords and access them anywhere with the UBS Safe app
  • Have vital documents, e.g. copies of identity papers, available at all times
  • Store UBS bank documents automatically in UBS Safe
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Vital documents always available

Whether you're on vacation or on a business trip abroad – with UBS Safe, copies of your identity papers, insurance cards or vaccination records are always at hand.

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Store important documents securely

Save everything important to you in the digital safe deposit box, e.g. certificates, contracts, and receipts and warranties for major purchases.

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Keep tax receipts and bank documents safe

You’re obliged to keep certain tax documents. Save these documents securely in UBS Safe. You can receive and store UBS bank documents automatically in UBS Safe.

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Create and manage secure passwords

For added security when surfing the net, it’s best to use a different password for each website. Save your passwords or access codes in UBS Safe. UBS Safe also helps you generate highly secure passwords and detects weaknesses in your existing passwords.

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Safe App: what matters most always at hand

  • Emergency documents like your identity papers always available
  • Easily copy and paste passwords from the app
  • Secure and easy login via UBS Access App

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To use the Safe App, you must first activate UBS Safe via UBS E-Banking



Data storage on UBS servers in Switzerland

You can choose the level of protection for your folders and passwords

Security check for new and existing passwords


Available everywhere via UBS e-banking or the UBS Safe app

Store UBS bank documents automatically in the safe

Leave the contents of your UBS Safe to family members


Desktop use: add files or directories via drag and drop

Mobile: scan documents directly via the UBS Safe app

Mobile: save e-mail attachments directly in the safe with the "Open in" function

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