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UBS Paymit

The cashless app. Send and request money free of charge. For everyone. Even without a UBS account.

  • Send, request and receive money simply, speedily and securely
  • Make convenient cashless payments in the first shops and restaurants
  • Regardless of where your bank account is
  • Free app with no transaction charges
  • Already over 250,000 downloads
Coffee money:
sent straight to Viola's account.

The simple way to send money

With UBS Paymit, friends can pay their share of the bill simply and conveniently. The money goes straight into the recipient's bank account.

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Share of the lunch bill:
quickly requested from Basil.

Request money quickly

UBS Paymit takes away the stress: simply ask your friends for what you've paid up front; you don't have to chase them for the money. Sharing account numbers is a thing of the past.

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Money for the movie ticket:
received safely from Nico.

Receive money safely

The UBS Paymit app meets the highest security standards. What's more, the PIN code and transaction limit guard against misuse.

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Flowers for your sweetheart:
paid by smartphone.

Buying with Paymit

These shops and restaurants now accept Paymit as a way to pay. The list gets longer every day. Look for the Paymit logo.

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UBS Paymit – explained in just a few steps

Use UBS Paymit with your friends.
Pay with UBS Paymit in shops and restaurants.

UBS Paymit in figures and applications.

Download and register to start sending and requesting money

Download Paymit for free.

Register in just a few steps. All you need is a Swiss mobile phone number and account number, and – if you don't have a UBS account – a credit card or prepaid card as well as an official ID.

You can now send, request and receive money wherever you are and whenever you want.

It's simple, secure and fast: use UBS Paymit with all your friends and discover the benefits together.
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What do I need to know about Paymit?

Why do I have to bring an identity card to identify myself?

Regulatory requirements stipulate that all Paymit users must identify themselves with a valid official identity document.

UBS clients who use UBS Paymit have already been identified by the bank and so don't need to go through the identification process again.

How much does Paymit cost?

UBS Paymit is completely free. The app can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store and is also free to use (no hidden extra costs for sending, requesting, or receiving money).

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Are there limits on the amounts that can be sent and requested?

The UBS Paymit limits on sending are CHF 1,500 with a UBS account and CHF 500 with a credit card as the payment method.

Additional details on Paymit limits are available here.

The more friends who join in, the better

Recommend the app to your friends and find out together just how useful UBS Paymit can be.