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Jury members and coaches

Jury members
Institution Name Position
School of Management Fribourg (HEG-FR) Rico Baldegger Director and Professor of Strategy,
Entrepreneurship & Innovation
School of Management Fribourg (HEG-FR) Jean-Marie Ayer Professor of Entrepreneurship
UBS Switzerland AG Christophe Bossy Head of Private Clients, Canton of Fribourg
UBS Switzerland AG Stéphane Mathey Head of Corporate Clients, Romandie region
Employers' Union of the Canton of Fribourg Reto Julmy Director
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Canton of Fribourg Chantal Robin Director
Innovation Club Fribourg Eliav Haskal Co-President, Association for Student Innovation
State of Fribourg: Department of Economic Affairs and Employment Philippe Lang Scientific advisor on digitalization
Fri-up Grégory Grin Director
At your service: the Innovation Challenge coaches
Please do not hesitate to seek advice or support from the specialists whom we are making available to you:
Topic Name Email
Market Opportunity
Opportunity Recognition
Christine Demen-Meier
Jean-Marie Ayer
Sébastien Jeanneret
Business Model & Value Proposition Jean-Marie Ayer
Magali Dubosson
Grégory Grin, Fri-up
Sales & Distribution
Customer Relation
Magali Dubosson
Etienne Rumo
Marco Biscaro
Social Media
Media Relation
Xavier Bertschy,
Hans-Peter Geisseler
Annaële Hervé
Tbd, Netcomsuisse
Maurizio Caon
Supply Chain Management
Operational Management
Project- & Datamanagement
Alfred Münger
Gabriel Simonet
Marilyne Pasquier
Start-up Culture
Team Contract
Raphael Gaudart
Lukas Schneuwly
Rudolf Merkle
Rolf Arni, Innoclub FR
Financial Management
Christophe Bossy, UBS
Paul Loeffler